International Conference on “Remembering in a Globalizing World: The Play and Interplay of Tourism, Memory, and Place.” September 8 – 10, 2014, Le Chambon sur Lignon, France

The aim of this international conference is to examine the ways in which memory is appropriated in tourism, both at the individual and collective level, in the articulation of identities, the construction of imaginaries about people and places, the re-invention of the past as an instrument of rule and dominance and as form of resistance. In the context of increasing mobilities – particularly in the forms of neo-nationalism and transnationalism – the conference seeks to confront the rise of memory and its social values in touristic practice. What role does memory play in the construction of “globalised public space”? How does it simultaneously represent both universalizing and particularizing phenomena? And how does it shape new mobilities, ‘mixed cultures’, networks, exchange and renewed ways of communication? We invite scholarly interventions from diverse disciplines and fields including tourism studies, history, geography, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, heritage and museum studies. Given this conference aims to understand how and why remembrance tourism is now a globalized phenomenon we also welcome comparative approaches.

The main language for the conference will be English. However some parallel sessions in French shall also be convened for Francophone participants.   There might be a possibility for a limited number travel grants. Kindly visit the website for announcements  

The Official Partners of the Conference:

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The Organizing Committee:

Anne Hertzog, Université de Cergy Pontoise, France; Email:

Rafiq Ahmad, University of Kashmir; Email:

Remy Knafou, Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, France